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A Statement in Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement



The murder of George Floyd at the hands of police officers has once again exposed and highlighted the racism, inequality and discrimination we are still so far behind at properly acknowledging, understanding, educating about and fighting against.


Mac's Arcadian is really a one woman band, and Esther has been spending some time listening, learning and considering her own white privilege and education, before attempting to address it here on behalf of Mac's Arcadian, so without further delay;


At the heart of our work are young people, equality, access, arts and education. As a company this is where we'd like to start focusing our thinking about how to be proactive and encourage others to listen and learn. Alongside our new, free to access project we will encourage donations to a social enterprise we've recently read about, doing fantastic work and hope that you will give generously


This is one proactive move of more to come, as we continue to listen and learn; our journey of striving to do better is evolving and ongoing.