Esther McAuley

(She/ Her) Actor, Theatre-Maker, Chocolate Fiend. Great with a glue gun. Trainee BSL/English Interpreter.


Esther founded Mac's Arcadian (AKA Ark!) in 2017, with the sole purpose of touring 'Great Odds'. Three years later she is continuing to make, learn and collaborate under the same umbrella alongside some phenomenal collaborators. She studied at the BRIT School for two years before undertaking her BA Hons degree in Acting at drama school and is currently embarking on the final part of her interpreter training. She can mostly be found acting, studying, and theatre-making (the latter, a sort of umbrella for producing/ directing/ writing/ performing). These careers and ideas overlap and each practice informs the other, taking an equal share of passion, drive and focus.


Esther is delighted to welcome aboard 5 collaborators, all of whom she's worked closely with and all of whom fiercely pursue a variety of careers, ideas and wear a range of multi-talented hats! It's been a wonderful, mind opening and occasionally lonely few years of running the company alone, so now feels just the right time to expand the team and welcome this brilliant group of associates.

Image description: Side profile photo of Esther laughing in front of a blurry grey background. She is a White British/Irish woman with long dark brown hair tied up in a messy bun, has a straight fringe and wears a speckled blue jumper.



Caroline Parker

Actress, stand up comedienne, curvy lass from North West UK, lover of pockets on clothes and bags. Identifies as she/her with hair of many changes of colour.

Image description:
Caro is a White woman with red tufty hair, grey eyes, spangly dangly earrings and is wearing a sleeveless dress with an Indian pattern on it. Her hands are up, ready to sign and she is posing against a plain white background.



Amelia Cavallo

(They/them) Blind, non binary, queer, theatre practitioner, performer, academic and vegan cheese advocate. Also, one half of Quiplash, a performance and consultancy project that takes space for d/Deaf and disabled people across the LGBTQQIA+ spectrum. 

Image description: Head and shoulders photo of Amelia, a White Italian American person smiling broadly into the camera. They are in front of a dark grey background, have short dark hair, a silver septum ring, funky colourful earrings and are wearing a light grey top.



Reuben Johnson

Salford lad. Actor, Writer, Spoken Word... Will be often found up a mountain somewhere on an adventure.

Image description: Black and white side profile photo of Reuben outdoors, with houses in the background. He is a White and Black Caribbean man, has a short beard and is smiling. He wears a white beanie with RUN DMC on the front, a puffer coat and black hoodie.




Amelia Bird

Theatre maker, fan of telling stories with big visuals, design and absurd humour. Often found working on social change through theatre. 


Image description: Colour photo of Amelia's hand holding a black sharpie pen, stood upright on a notebook. Behind this is her open laptop, the screen showing an illustrated storyboard while Amelia was in the midst of designing 'Being Jess'.








Andrew Revell

(He/ him) Father, artist, editor and Visual effects whizz! Andrew has developed a passion for Computer-Generated Imagery (GCI) and Visual effects (VFX) and is currently studying Autodesk Maya, Pixologic Zbrush and Foundry Nuke in his spare time. He works D-Live! and is responsible for the visual effects in their digital theatre programme.


Image description: Colour photo of Andrew, a White man in a black suit and low top hat with a black feather in it. The top half of his face is painted like a Venetian mask, covering his nose, eyes and cheeks; white paint with flourishes of blue, red and black. His lips are painted red with a fine black outline. He is standing in front of his own camera on tripod, looking at us, body tilted and arms stretched out, with fisted hands and index fingers pointing towards us.

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